For those above the drinking age,
who doesn’t want to enjoy a glass of wine or a bottle of beer from time to time?

However, over-drinking and AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder)
have become a global epidemic.

To understand the issue better, we will start by exploring
global alcohol consumption.

Global Alcohol Consumption

What is the alcohol consumption for each country
and what are the percentage of people drinking?

Global Consumption

The visualization on the right shows global alcohol consumption (liter of pure alcohol) per person in 2016. The average consumption globally is 6.4 liters, as marked in Chart 1.

Why some contries have high consumption rate while others are remarkably low? What's the commonalities among the countries?

Hover the country tabs below and observe on the map.

Low Rate:
High Rate:

Explore Categories

We have included different categories for you to explore. The change will be reflected in the map and the bar charts. Hover Me to Learn More.

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From Chart 2, ranked by heavy drinking and never drink, we can learn that for religious reasons, Middle Eastern countries like Iran, North African countries like Libya, and South East Asian countries like Indonesia have remarkably low consumption rate. Wet drinking culture (alcohol is integrated in life) countries have high intake rate, such as Germany, Ireland, and France.

Global Consumption Trend

How does the global alcohol consumption change over the years?

Global Trend

What does the alcohol consumption trend look like over the years? Does it go up or down, or different countries have different trend?

In the coordinates on the left, the line represents the trend for the US from 1960 to 1980.

Draw the rest of the US's consumption trend to your estimate! When you are ready, click "Show Actual".

Alcohol consumption is prevalent globally; however, regional differences play a big part in the consumption rate.

Now let’s take a look at the U.S. data.

US Regional Differences

How does geography or city locations impact the consumption distribution?

All States

Take a guess at the statistics!
For adults reporting excessive drinking (%):
Which state has the most?
Which state has the least?
Which county has the most?
Which county has the least?
The national average is %
For driving deaths with alcohol involved (%):
Which state has the most?
Which state has the least?
Which county has the most?
Which county has the least?
The national average is %

We have seen how prevalent alcohol consumption is globally and the regional differences.
Let’s now delve into the reasons that people consume alcohol.

Reasons for Consumption

Why do people drink alcohol? What are the social-economical reasons?

There are multiple reasons for people choose to consume alcohol.

Yet, unregulated drinking can lead to Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), permanent health complications, and even death.

Health Impacts from Alcohol

How much impact and damages can alcohol make to your body?

Health Impact

The impact on physical and mental health attributed to alcohol can be significant. The visualization shows the health conditions attributed to alcohol. The bar represents the corresponding death number caused by alcohol for that condition per 1,000,000 people, and highlights the top deaths.

We can see multiple organs can be damaged by alcohol intake, and it can eventually lead to the development of cancer. In addition, alcohol could lead to injuries, accidents, and suicide due to its mood-altering effect.

Click the condition names to show detail.

Condition Mortalities

By calculating using "Alcohol-attributable fraction" and the number of total death per 1,000,000 people from Alcohol-Related Disease Impact, we created this ranking chart on the left.

Arrhythmia or supraventricular cardiac dysrrhythmia has the highest death number resulted from alcohol. Additionally, traffic crash, homicide and suicide are high on the rank as well.

Hover over the graph to see detail.


How much death does alcohol cause world wide?

  nRisk factors for death


Alcohol use is ranked 8th among the 33 the risk factors that cause the most premature death worldwide. On average about 4.37% of the premature deaths has been caused by alcohol use in this region, causing more than 2.8 million premature death every year.

Victims Stories

What's the stories of the people with the detrimental habit?

Selected from various news report and online obituary, each white cross represents a victim. The faded crosses commemorate the countless other victims other than the ones whose stories are presented here.

Hover over the white crosses to read their story.

The risks of drinking alcohol is frightening.

A group of people that are subjected to those damages exponentially are the people who are suffering from Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD).

Alcohol Use Disorder

What is AUD and who are likely to become the victims of AUD?

Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) or commonly known as Alcoholism, is a chronic relapsing brain disorder characterized by an impaired ability to stop or control alcohol use despite adverse social, occupational, or health consequences.

AUD and Mental Health

How does mental health condition contribute to the consumption of alcohol and AUD?

We will now explore mental health disorders as a risk factor for alcohol dependency or abuse. The values in this chart represents an increased risk of developing alcohol dependency or abuse in individuals with a given mental health disorder relative to those without.

For example, a value of 3.2 for PTSD, would indicate that individuals with PTSD are 3.2 times as likely to develop alcohol dependency relative to those without.


Research shows that preventions is just as important, if not more important, than treatment.

Thus, if you know someone who currently have any of these mental health disorder, be on the look out for any development of AUD!

Hover over each mental health disorder to learn more.

Recovery Stories

Many people have experienced the damage caused by alcohol and sought ways to recover and rehabilitate.

Click the particles to see Sam, Odette, Leia, and Flip's stories.

"I had to change – or else I’d die."

Read Sam's story

Diagnose and Solutions

Do you feel like you or your loved one might have AUD?

Perform a self diagnose following the guide below or ask a medical professional for accurate diagnose and treatment:

Professional Diagnose

Professional health care is often in a better position to accurately diagnose the problem, design treatment plans and refer you to the right mental health professionals.

We hope that this data visualization project showed you something new or informative about alcohol consumption and its issues.

Anyone could fall the victim to AUD. Make sure to use your best judgement and take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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